Experience the benefits of life coaching without the expensive price tag
There’s no doubt a life coach can bring immense benefits to your life, but it’s also no secret they can be very expensive.  But here’s the great news…
You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to acquire the exact same wisdom, motivation and guidance a personal life coach provides.

Because with Jeanette Devine’s eBook, Be Your Own Life Coach: 10 Steps to a Successful Life, you’ll get a straight-to-the-point, powerful resource which shows how you can turn your life around by becoming your own life coach.

A professional life coach armed with decades of coaching experience, Jeanette’s book is an easy-to-follow blueprint on how to live a fulfilling and successful life.  

With her deep understanding of how to overcome self-imposed barriers, humor, and insight on how to develop confidence and self-discipline, Jeanette gives you the guidance you need to finally start achieving your goals and become the person you’re truly capable of being. 
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From: Jeanette Devine

Jeanette is a senior executive in the education sector and an experienced personal and professional coach. She is passionate about people reaching their potential and in the process, developing a greater understanding of themselves, their core values, strengths and passions, and above all, their purpose in life.
"Having meaning and purpose to live for, being passionate about what you are doing, being present and resilient when it is easier to give up, living a life aligned to your core values as well as knowing that you have so much more potential,  is where true success lies" -- Jeanette Devine, author of Be Your Own Life Coach: 10 Steps to a Successful Life
About the eBook
What exactly is a life coach?

In a nutshell, a life coach is someone who helps you to improve various aspects of your life. From your career goals, to finances, to the health and quality of your personal relationships, a life coach is your professional support system.

But it’s not just “every day” people who use them.

Numerous Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs and Hollywood stars can attest to how a life coach helped them maximize their potential.

It’s important to remember that these people are effectively no different than us. They all have strengths and weaknesses. Insecurities and worries. And at times struggle with lack of focus and confusion.

Fortunately for them, they can afford a personal coach to improve their approach to life, help them defeat bad habits, and provide a tremendous boost towards achieving their goals.

Which brings us to the very high cost of hiring your own personal life coach.

We’re talking a median fee which is around $500 per hour.

But there’s something which can also give you the powerful support and guidance to dramatically improve your life while being far less expensive.

Jeanette Devine’s new book Be Your Own Life Coach: 10 Steps to a Successful Life.

Jeanette’s eBook provides exactly the guidance you need to immediately start improving your life. By drawing on her experience as a life-coach, she shows us how to turn our lives around by making deep-lasting changes which can not only be implemented today, but will last you a lifetime.

With encouragement, warm humor and an emphasis on keeping things clear and practical, Jeanette sets out the 10 steps for you to take (or reclaim) control of your life. She supports these steps with essential background information, practical activities and techniques to keep things both interesting and interactive. 

Jeanette will coach you in the same way she coaches her personal clients.

As an incredibly helpful resource for both your personal and professional life, Be Your Own Life Coach: 10 Steps to a Successful Life is the perfect guide to help you become the best person you can be.

What You'll Discover in This Book:

In Be Your Own Life Coach: 10 Steps to a Successful Life, you’ll gain access to Jeanette Devine’s powerful 10-step process for experiencing success in all areas of your life.

This is the same system Jeanette has used over several decades to help her clients focus, develop bullet-proof confidence, shatter mental barriers and conquer goals - and it’s now been adapted exclusively through Ideapod and Hack Spirit.

In Be Your Own Life Coach: 10 Steps to a Successful Life you’ll:

Discover Who You Really Are

By conducting a life satisfaction audit designed by Jeanette, you will uncover your core values, key strengths, and what sparks you with purpose and meaning in life.

Create Your Own Personal Vision Statement

To get where you want to go, you must first know where you wish to be. Your personal vision statement incorporates all facets of your life to show you your desired destination.

Finally Learn How to Set Goals

The best way to accomplish a long-term mission or purpose is to set present day goals on where you want to improve and what you want to accomplish in both your professional and personal life. These goals become your personal roadmap towards lifelong success.

Develop a Personal Action Plan

Setting goals is the first step, now you’ve got to reach them. Jeanette will guide you through the creation of a personal action plan to help you do that.

Monitor the Progress of Your Goals

This is essential to achieving success and involves both consistently holding yourself accountable for your actions and learning to reflect on what you’ve learnt about yourself through the process.

...By following Jeanette Devine’s time-proven process, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of yourself, greater clarity about your purpose in life, set meaningful goals, and most importantly, develop the ironclad discipline to achieve them.


… this isn’t a fantasy quick-fix, and you will be challenged…

… but with consistent effort and Jeanette’s guidance, you’ll begin a journey towards a more successful, satisfying, and happier life.
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