Discover the Life-Changing Benefits of Mindful Living
If you want to experience the soothing yet empowering benefits of mindfulness (but don’t know where to start), then my no-nonsense guide to mindfulness is perfect for you
Many of the world’s most successful celebrities, athletes, and CEOs all have 1 vital thing in common…

They practice the art of mindfulness.

These people—who are fundamentally no different than you or me—have discovered that by practicing mindfulness, they can tap into the true power of their mind. This allows them to achieve greater happiness, tremendous accomplishments, and an overall satisfaction in all areas of their life.   

And you can do this too.

But how do you start?

The Art of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Living in the Moment is a clear, easy-to-follow introduction to the life-changing power of the mindfulness phenomenon. In it, you’ll uncover a set of simple, yet powerful techniques to elevate your life by the steady practice of mindfulness.

And the best part?

You can start today.
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From: Lachlan Brown

I'm the founder of Hack Spirit. I provide no-nonsense, evidence-based advice on mindfulness and living a better life.
"I believe learning about mindfulness can be very practical and accessible, rather than esoteric. My eBook explains mindfulness in a simple but very effective way, and outlines techniques you can use to start living a more mindful life today"
-- Lachlan Brown, founder of Hack Spirit

Why you should live a mindful life

Ever feel like your days are way more difficult than they should be?

When we mentally self-sabotage ourselves, every molehill becomes a mountain and everything from our work, to relationships, to exercising, to just trying to relax and enjoy a quiet moment, becomes an endless struggle.

Now, what exactly do I mean by ‘mental self-sabotage’? Well, if you’re experiencing…

•   Relentless fear, stress, and anxiety as part of your everyday life
•   You suffer from an overactive mind that just won’t quiet down
•   You constantly find yourself caught in chronic multi-tasking (a surefire way to exhaust yourself and feel unfulfilled at the end of the day)
•   You feel like life is a non-stop grind where you’re often worn down and unhappy.

… then you’re trapped in the cycle of mental self-sabotage.

Which brings us to this book.

You see, no matter how overwhelmed you feel, there is one crucial thing to understand. Something which Buddhists and Hindus have known for centuries…

… that the relaxed, quiet confidence you so badly desire is ALREADY INSIDE YOU.  All you have to do is learn how to tap into it—and the most effective way to do this is through the daily application of mindfulness.

About the eBook

Hack Spirit’s #1 eBook, The Art of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Living in the Moment, provides a compelling, jargon-free introduction to mindful living.

In this eBook, we’ll show you how to successfully tap into mindfulness to improve all aspects of your daily life, especially the ‘big 3’:
  • Your state of mind – Essential for focus and productivity
  • ​Your emotional resilience – Vital for your happiness and confidence
  • ​The quality of your relationships – Crucial to living a stress-free, rewarding life.
And where other mindfulness guides on the market can confuse you with frustrating esoteric and technical descriptions and language…

… our book is specifically designed to make the core tenants and application of mindfulness as easy-to-absorb as possible.

Through plain everyday language, and powerful exercises (that you’ll benefit from in mere minutes), we’ll show you exactly what you need to know to bring mindfulness into your life and break the cycle of anxiety and stress for good.

In this eBook you'll discover:
  • How to Be Mindful Daily: Afraid your days are slipping by in worry and confusion? We show how—in just a handful of minutes per day—you can use simple, yet powerful strategies to develop a daily habit of mindfulness.
  • ​7 Highly Effective Mindfulness Exercises: With these 7 proven exercises (each presented in clear, step-by-step format), you’ll immediately start to experience the daily benefits of mindfulness. (And while these exercises are perfect for beginners, they also represent the foundation of mindfulness practice—this means as time goes on, you’ll be able to easily adapt them to suit your growing mastery).
  • ​Meditation Demystified: Despite what the movies show you, mediation isn’t about sitting in the lotus position on a mountaintop with your eyes closed. It’s simply about clearing your mind—anywhere, anyplace, anytime—and tapping into a level of calm and confidence you never knew you had. In our guide, we provide effective, practical techniques—ones you can use to start meditating today!
  • ​The incredible Benefits of Mindfulness: Learn the evidence-based benefits of mindfulness, including the latest scientific research on how it can boost both your physical and mental well-being. (We’ve even included studies which show how mindfulness can reduce or eliminate the insidious habit of rumination—a major contributor to stress and anxiety disorders).
  • ​When Was the Last Time You Were Really Present? Learn why being caught up in your head, thinking about something else, and zoning out can result in self-destructive behavior. Throughout the book we give you the skills you need to sync your attention, so that your mind and body are in the same place at the same time.
  • ​Mindfulness in Popular Culture: Discover why mindfulness has become so popular in modern culture—particularly with the ultra-successful, including Kobe Bryant, Russell Brand, and Ellen DeGeneres. Learn how these successful people have used mindfulness not just feel great, but to conquer life itself. 
Who is this eBook for?
Do you dream of living a more relaxed, productive, and happier life?

Hack Spirit’s eBook, The Art of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Living in The Moment, is your doorway to the life-changing benefits of practicing mindfulness.

Let's face it: mindfulness can be an intimidating topic for the uninitiated.

You might be thinking you need to live like a monk, become a hardcore yogi, or possess some deep spiritual inclinations to practice and benefit from mindfulness, but…
… with our guide you’ll discover that successfully living a mindful life is actually quite simple—as long as you’re armed with the right knowledge and essential techniques.

And in this eBook, we provide you with just that. 

No confusing jargon. No fancy chanting. No strange lifestyle changes.

Just a highly-practical, easy-to-follow guide for improving your health, success, and happiness through mindful living. 

About the author, Lachlan Brown

I'm Lachlan, the founder of Hack Spirit.

I created this site because I was so passionate about how useful mindfulness and eastern philosophy can be in people’s lives, yet most of the information out there failed to provide it in a practical and simple way. It frustrated me that such valuable knowledge was often delivered in confusing ways.

So I set out to change this. I believe that mindfulness can be very practical and accessible.

I have a graduate degree in Psychology and I’ve spent the last 6 years reading and studying all I can about human psychology and practical ways to hack our mindsets.

Hack Spirit is a blog where I shared what I’ve read and learned. It's now one of the largest media sites on mindfulness and practical psychology for everyday living with over two million monthly readers.

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