Breakups hurt. Here's how to break free of the pain
If you want to recover from a breakup, so you can move on and live your best life, this practical eBook is for you
How do you handle breakups? Do you know how to deal with the hurt and move on, or do you struggle?

Some people seem find it easier than others to move on and move up from a breakup. How is it that some people can heal quickly, while others never seem to fully recover?

In The Art of Breaking Up: The Ultimate Guide to Letting Go of Someone You Loved, we help you understand your breakup type, and why you feel the way you do. Together, we'll tackle your toughest emotions, and get you into a healthy state of mind so you can find happiness with yourself (and eventually, find love again).
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From: Lachlan Brown

I'm the founder of Hack Spirit. I provide no-nonsense, evidence-based advice on mindfulness and living a better life.
"Breaking up is tough. I went through a break up recently myself, which is why I wrote this book. In it, I help you understand your feelings - from emotional pain, to shame, to anger, to fear - and then put you on the path to a more rewarding life, full of joy and meaning. "
-- Lachlan Brown, founder of Hack Spirit
About the eBook
In The Art of Breaking Up: The Ultimate Guide to Letting Go of Someone You Loved, you’ll learn how to accept yourself, your feelings and the breakup, and move forward with a life full of joy and meaning.

Getting past a breakup is never easy. Whether you chose for it to end or not, you’re sure to find it extremely challenging. But the people who find breakups easiest to deal with are those who know how not to fight them.

Fighting a breakup just doesn’t work. It causes more pain and heartache. But what’s the alternative?

As we outline in this book, there is a much better way.

We’ll take you through the 5 different kinds of breakup, so you can learn more about your own relationship and how its impacting you now.

Next we’ll help you figure out exactly why you’re feeling the way you are about your breakup. We’ll show you how to accept your feelings for what they are, and ultimately move on from them. The simple truth is that people who can accept their feelings are able to accept a breakup, no matter how messy or difficult.

Finally, we reveal why your best self is waiting to be discovered. We show you how to embrace being single, find meaning and joy in life, and ultimately find love again.

After reading this eBook, you’ll have the knowledge you need to become one of those people who can accept, process and move on. By following our practical tips and suggestions, you’ll become a stronger person in spite (or more likely because) of the breakup.
Who this eBook is for
This eBook is for you if you are:
  • Struggling to get over a break up
  • ​Confused about why you're feeling the way you do about it
  • ​Ignoring your friends, neglecting your work, and generally not practicing any self-care.
  • ​Worried about the future will look like without your partner by your side
  • ​In an unfulfilling relationship, but scared sh*tless about how you will deal with post-breakup life.
Most of us find breakups hard—losing someone you love is never easy. Suddenly, there's a massive vacuum where a person had been. You’ve made compromises as well as future plans, and having to let go of the life you’ve built isn’t as easy as swiping left or right.

While there is no magic cure for getting over a breakup, with the help of the no-nonsense advice in this eBook, you're going to tackle it head on. In The Art of Breaking Up: The Ultimate Guide to Letting Go of Someone You Loved, we outline the most practical, beneficial ways you can fully get over that heartbreak—and we promise, you’ll come out much better than before.
What You'll Learn:
  • ​Why Accepting a Breakup is So Hard. Discover why society tells us that breaking up is shameful (as you'll learn though, although we all crave connection with people, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single!).
  • The 5 Different Breakups. What was your breakup type? We outline the 5 types of breakups and give you practical, actionable strategies to deal with each of them—starting today. Discover new things about your own break up and why you're feeling the way you do.
  • ​The Common Cause of Every Breakup. No two breakups are the same, but they all share one crucial thing⁠—we share the secret of what it is (and it's definitely not what you think it is).
  • ​Why Going Back is Never a Good Idea. Reunions are never the answer, though it can be very tempting to try. We’ll tell you why you shouldn’t even consider getting back together (and discover exactly why being friends just doesn’t work).
  • ​How to Love Being Single Again (and Still Form Incredible Connections With People). We help you discover new sources of joy in your life, including your friends and community. We all need to connect with people—learn why we don’t need relationships to do it.
  • Becoming Truly Happy. Breakups test our happiness, but they don’t have to ruin it. By the end of this book, you will have the unshakable belief that there is joy, meaning and love to be had again.
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